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Michelle Raymond is an in-demand prolific speaker, an Emerging Leadership Coach and Trainer, a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and an award-winning International TEDx Speaker on a mission to make the inVisible Visible!


Michelle helps organisations build a future fit and diverse leadership pipeline by developing the skills of emerging leaders as well as working with entrepreneurs who wish to source and secure corporate contracts. Her clientele includes BT, Deloittes, MAC, Refinery29, Amazon, Lloyds Bank and The Ministry of Justice.


As the Emerging Leadership Programme Lead for one of the top ten universities in the world, University College, London (UCL), Michelle has developed workshops and programmes that have transformed the professional lives of senior women in leadership and countless entrepreneurs who wish to increase the visibility of their personal brand.


Michelle has also become a respected and in-demand executive coach, keynote speaker and authority on how to use strategic networking in an impactful way. One of her most talked about speeches ‘How to   Elevate your Circle of Influence with Key People of Influence’ is both controversial and persuasive leaving listeners with easy-to-implement actionable takeaways to create power relationships that last!


Although Michelle wears various hats such as entrepreneur and speaker, back in 2009, Michelle wore a very different title. Michelle shares her TEDx story of the time she spent married to a man accused of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable against children, and how she became the indirect victim of his crimes through publicity and stigma.


She was harassed by her community, her home was attacked, and she fell into a deep depression all the while trying to mitigate the emotional impact this had on her young daughter. She became visible for the wrong reasons.


More than a decade has passed since then and Michelle has moved past the shame she felt for so long to become a successful entrepreneur with a supportive family, and no longer wears the label of "wife of a paedophile". Instead, Michelle, who has been featured in People Management, HR Grapevine, The Guardian, The BBC and Sky TV and is now best known for her people empowerment slogan #AskForMore and is fulfilling her purpose of making the InVisible leader, Visible.

Michelle Raymond

  • Regularly speaks on

    • The ever-changing World of Work
    • How to build strategic networks
    • Initiative Over Invitation
    • The Bulletproof Mindset
    • Personal branding
    • Progression over Perfection
    • Why Women Don’t Ask: The Confidence Factor
  • To book, please submit an online enquiry to

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